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Watch The Duff Full Movie Online


In an era where horror, science fiction, and action movies are all the rage and romantic comedy movies are few and far between, CBS Films and Lionsgate released a hilarious movie called ‘The DUFF’ based on a novel of the same name by Kody Keplinger. The movie is sweet and short with a runtime of just an hour and fifty minutes. Critics have praised the movie for its sassy characters and its uniqueness in bringing a new stereotype into light beyond the existing ones such as the mean girl, the jock, the nerd, and the basket case amongst many others.

It also highlights how one doesn’t really need to change themselves to fit in with people’s or society’s expectations. A theme prominent throughout The Duff full movie is that one should be able to love themselves. That is truly a feeling that most teens can relate to. The movie is pretty light and keeps the viewer entertained throughout. You won’t get bored at all and the story unfolds at an even pace. Furthermore, the emotions at play are portrayed very well by the actors.


The Duff Movie Cast

The Duff Movie Cast


The director of The DUFF full movie is Ari Sandel and this movie was his debut film. He also has other films in the works, namely Monster High (2016) and When We First Met (to be released in 2017). The fame from The DUFF full movie probably kick-started his career as a Hollywood director. From the looks of it, it seems that he will be directing more teen films that have a dash of comedy and teenagers in the cast. Overall, his directing shows a clear understanding of teenage expressions. He effortlessly manages to bring the book’s characters to life in this real-life rendering.

Genre and a slight sneak peek

The movie’s genre is slice of life, and it is majorly centered around a girl who seems to be getting on fine with her life until a guy tells her that she is, in fact, the designated ugly fat friend aka the DUFF. From that point, the movie goes on to show the audience how the girl, Bianca, is flabbergasted to learn of her standing and classification on the social ladder of high school and how she tries her hardest to reverse-DUFF herself with the help of the guy who told her she was one in the first place. The movie has a lot of comic moments as well as touching ones, making it a great movie to watch for teens. This is all I can say without giving you too many spoilers.


robbie amell the duff movies like the duff

Robbie Amell In The Duff



Bianca, played by Mae Whitman, is the main protagonist of the story. She’s also the DUFF, as labeled by the guy she’s known since childhood, Wesley played by Robbie Amell. Bianca has two best friends, Jess and Casey, played by Skyler Samuels and Bianca A. Santos. Mr. Arthur provides the comedic relief in the movie with his over-the-top, sassy attitude. His character is portrayed brilliantly by Ken Jeong from the Hangover fame. Madison, the mean girl as well as the stereotypical Queen Bee, is played by Bella Thorne. Fun fact: She has been nominated for an award for “Best Performance by Supporting Actress in a Feature Film” at the Young Artist Awards. She also won the “Choice Movie: Villain” Teen Choice Award.

Online streaming all the way

I, myself, watched the whole movie for free online and I can tell you one thing – it was so much better to stream it instantly online rather than wait for it to download and then watch it. Honestly, I didn’t want to wait a day for the movie to download when it came out. I couldn’t contain my excitement after having watched the trailers, so I just looked it up online, just to find that I could watch it for free. It was easy to do, and I would recommend people to stream their favorite movies online to avoid the hassle of downloading. There are also issues with downloading such as not knowing that what you’ve downloaded is exactly what you want. On the other hand, you can immediately evaluate whether what you’re seeing online is what you want and in case it isn’t, you can always move on to the next website and keep on doing so till you find what you want to watch.

Just type “The DUFF full movie online free” or “The DUFF full movie online” on Google, and you can watch it on the many websites that come up in the results. You have the option to choose from a lot of servers that provide full movie in 720P or 1080P or higher HD resolutions. The links are hosted on websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, PutLocker or OpenLoad. Who wants to pay for movies when you can stream them online for free, right? The best thing about these sites is that most of them offer the movies in high definition. In addition to that, watching The Duff full movie online meant that I didn’t need to waste space on my computer by downloading it. There’s also another benefit – online streaming is much safer than downloading the movie because it doesn’t involve the risk of downloading viruses. You can check The Duff’s IMDB here


The Duff full Movie Still

The Duff Movie Still



We’re all starved for some good, cheesy romantic teen movies. And The DUFF full movie is the exact dose of contemporary teen romance that we, die-hard romantics, need in our lives. The DUFF is one of the rare contemporary romantic comedy movies that does not explore adult themes and focuses on real-life teen issues. The fun part is that all you need to do for your long overdue dose is to click search after having typed ‘DUFF full movie’ and let the search engine do its magic.

If you need a movie that will make you laugh at times and go ‘aw’ at others, then this movie is a must-watch for you. The best part about all of this is that you can watch The DUFF full movie free of cost on many websites. It’s the time all rom-com enthusiasts have been waiting for – The DUFF is here and all they need to watch it is an internet connection, yummy snacks, and a nice, fuzzy bed to get comfortable on.


Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Designated Ugly Fat Friend

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