Where Can I Watch No Strings Attached Online?

No Strings Attached is a rom-com starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. It explores the relationship dynamic of a male and female and whether sex can be strictly physical and not romantic and platonic. The 2011 film, directed by Ivan Reitman, has a runtime of 108 minutes. It is also Reitman’s first ever R-rated movie in his career, making it symbolic for film enthusiasts.


There are a lot of places where you can stream the complete No Strings Attached Movie for free. Some of these sites are YouTube, DailyMotion and Putlocker.



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What’s the movie about?

The main characters of the film, Adam and Emma have had a special friendship since childhood. It is evident there is sexual tension between the two right from the beginning of the movie. After an awkward drunken encounter, Emma decides to offer Adam a no strings attached relationship. This means they can both sleep with whoever they want, including each other, whenever they feel the need to be erotic. All this without love complicating the arrangement. Emma is a character who builds a wall around her emotions. As expected, they enter an open relationship and explore sex with each other, and other people.


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Things aren’t always as they seem in the film. One of the two main characters (who shall remain unidentified for spoiler purposes) goes against the grain of the dynamic and begins to develop feelings for the other main character. The second half of the film explores the sudden revelation of this characters’ relationship. The second half uncovers the complications these sudden unexpected feelings have caused.


What’s Ashton’s role in the film?

In the film, Ashton Kutcher plays an irresponsible, naughty-boy type character called Adam. Adam is a gopher on a small television series but is hoping to break into the writing world one day. Once Adam discovers his dad is dating his ex-girlfriend, he gets heavily into alcohol to mask his discontentment. In doing so, he finds himself in a sticky situation by waking up naked with the company of four people. Let’s add some more complexities to the mix, shall we? One of the four people is Emma who is a highly-regarded doctor working in a teaching hospital, who also happens to have known Adam since childhood.


ashton kutcher and natalie portman

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman


Is this a comedy movie?

No Strings Attached is a heavily-based comedic film, promising to keep you in hysterics all throughout the film. The dynamic of Ashton and Natalie playing the two leading roles makes it evident they enjoyed and were comfortable working with each other on set. It can be challenging to portray a personal and bold role of both characters. Fortunately, each actor made the film feel natural and authentic, and won’t leave you crippling with awkwardness.


Emma lives with several roommates during the NSA arrangement. One is an effeminate gay guy, another is a person of color played by Ludacris. These characters continue to support the relationship of Adam and Emma. Some other supporting roles in the movie, such as Adam’s two best friends fail to add much to the storyline. They only provide the film with immature little suggestions that offer little, and unnecessary value to the film.


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The Good and the Bad

Unfortunately, the movie begins in a very negative and harsh way. I’m unsure whether it was wise to start the film off with the question “can I finger you?”. Fortunately, eventually flows and nourishes into a much more intriguing film. The film is most definitely a chick-flick production and accurately follows that path as you would expect a chick flick too. This isn’t a negative aspect, though. But given the writer of the film is female, it shadows the typical outlook from a women’s perspective which only adds to its predictability.


For you guys out there, don’t remove this from your watch list yet, this makes for a fun watch. You may even uncover a thing or two about the female appetites. The worst thing that will happen is you will sit through the 2-hour movie in amusement while keeping your significant other happy. You can stream the full movie right from your laptop or computer (or other devices) from the warmth of your own home.


After watching the trailer for the movie, you might think you the movie is cliched. And you’re right. Unexpected endings isn’t something you should expect from the movie. In fact, the ending is inconclusive and probably the main downfall of an otherwise overall good movie, barring the slow start. The predictability of the film can be a downer to some movie fanatics. We do have some small plot twists throughout the movie. Don’t expect much, they are unlikely to blow your mind.


Let’s talk numbers

With a rating of 6.2 on IMDb (and almost 200,000 ratings), No Strings Attached is a safe viewing for those over the age of 18 years old. You should add this movie you should add to your watch list even if solely out of curiosity. For both couples and singles out there of any type of relationship, you will leave the screening feeling happy, sad, and a mixture of other emotions thanks to the fantastic acting of Ashton, Natalie and their supporting characters in the movie.


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The overall view of this review is that it will leave you entertained and engaged from start to finish. Although it’s not likely to be nominated for any awards (at least nothing too classy), No Strings attached is a cute and funny movie. You can stream the full movie online just for something to pass the time and to distract your mind with. You won’t be disappointed after viewing but probably won’t be blown away either. The complete movie is available thanks to online streaming, and soon you’ll be able to give your own opinion on the film like this one.

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