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I recently had the pleasure of watching Love, Rosie by myself. It has been a long time since I watched a full movie all by myself, but I’m glad it was this one. Here’s my short Love, Rosie review.


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Like a lot of movies these days, Love, Rosie is a film adaptation of the acclaimed novel “Where Rainbows End” by Cecelia Ahern. Just in case you’re wondering, she also the mind behind “P.S. I Love You”. The movie and book revolve around two love-birds – Rosie and Alex – who are unable to express their love for 14 years! Obstacles keep them from being more than just friends. Tough luck!

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Rosie is played by Lily Collins, who manages to capture the essence of the character perfectly. It is tough to act a character that progresses from teenage years to a mature adult. But Lily Collins does this perfectly. Alex, our protagonist, is a charming and witty guy, played by Sam Claflin. You will instantly ship Rosie and Alex on the first sight! This is a testament to Claflin and Collins’ on screen chemistry. A sidekick is always necessary to complement the characters in a chick flick, the burden of which is handled by Jaime Winstone.

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Character Development

Emotions run pretty high in the movie, and it is of utmost importance to capture them flawlessly. The film makes you feel the lulz, the anger and the frustration of being denied love, perfectly. Rosie plays a very relatable character. She couldn’t express her feelings for Alex in high school. Later she falls for Greg and gets pregnant. Greg leaves for Ibiza on learning this, and Rosie raises Katie, her daughter, all by herself.

Alex didn’t exactly sleep on a bed of roses either. He stayed in a dead-end marriage for several years for the sake of his kids. The worst part is the life partners for both Katie and Alex turned out to be cheaters later on into the movie.


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Stray Observations and Other Ramblings

The soundtrack of the film is energetic and appropriately heedless at times. Christian Rein does an excellent job of capturing the melancholy as well. All in all, this movie is a perfect watch and will keep you engaged during its runtime.


Where can I watch Love, Rosie?

You can watch Love Rosie online at various sites for free. For example, you can stream it at YouTube, DailyMotion, Putlocker or VodLocker


Is it worth streaming Love Rosie?

If you are confused if you can sit through Love Rosie, you can let the following IMDb numbers be the judge



IMDB Rating: 7.2 / 10

Release Year: 2014

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama


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