Les Profs 2 Film Complet

Les Profs 2 Film Complet

I can’t resist silly sequels, so when Les Profs 2 film complet was streaming on my tablet, I couldn’t help but laugh. Les Profs 2 is the continuation of the French movie Les Profs, which debuted 2 years earlier. Translated, it is ‘Serial Teachers’ in English, and is helmed by the same director as the first, Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval. The movie is very similar to other semi-raunchy comedies of the same ilk, like the American film ‘Bad Teacher.’ You could also draw similarities to ‘Eurotrip,’ in tone. To watch the Les Profs 2 film complet visit:

While the plot of the first Les Profs was taking inept teachers and putting them into a situation where they’d have to save a terrible school from shutting down in France, the sequel flips this notion on its head and has our crew in one of the best schools in England. From there it becomes your formulaic teachers vs. students, as they help them succeed through unconventional methods. I disagree with some other reviewers that think this is a pure kids movie, as there is some sexual content present. Even though the two movies have completely different plots, Les Profs 2 plays a lot like the American Pie series at times given its nature and types of jokes. We know after the first Les Profs that chaos will ensue once the teachers show up, so the anticipation of the punchlines is fun. People worry all the time if a sequel was made just for the sake of making one, or if they really had more to offer the audience. I, myself enjoyed the trip a second time around.

It is nice to have Martin-Laval back in the director’s chair, as his vision keeps the movie feeling just like the first. Because the tone hasn’t changed with the original, it was so easy to get back into the story and enjoy it. In addition, with the same guy taking the lead of the movie, it feels like a logical continuation. I really enjoyed Martin-Laval’s color palette and clean, gorgeous shots. You would think that since it is a comedy not as much time would be spent on the aesthetic feel of the picture, but it plays beautifully. The look of the film definitely has a foreign slant, which I found intriguing as it made the humor more unique. What was really hard to ignore however was just how much time was spent on the locales where the film was shot, primarily in England as well as Belgium. For such a simple premise, the grandiosity is on full display and lends credence to the ‘fish out of water’ type approach. Even a basic shot of them crossing a street in the UK looks like something you would see out of a Beatles album.

The director isn’t the only person to return from Les Profs. Kev Adams comes back as Thierry Boulard, and practically owns the role at this point, as I can’t see anyone else wearing the backwards hat in his place. He makes for a good lead of the misfits, but it is really an ensemble type of cast. The laughs are spread around and it makes you care more for each of the characters. One of the strongest aspects about the movie is how they each play off of one another. The characters are so different, but that makes every situation more interesting. The gym teacher is hilarious with his vulgar methods to fitness. Eric Lampaert, the housemaster, has some terrific lines, and his goofy presence in one of the highlights. Lampaert and Adams at odds is a particularly funny exchange throughout several in the movie. Isabelle Nanty is also back as Gladys, among others.

Les Profs 2’s laughs are about the same pace as the original, and I distinctly found a scene involving playing rock, paper, scissors with a skeleton imaginatively funny (you’ll see what I mean). I also chuckled uncontrollably at the teacher seducing her students, as most of us can probably relate with our playground crushes. The classroom bits work the best, just like the first movie, and a teacher jumping out the window gets me every time. The movie also has a through line that is a bit of a spoof of the Harry Potter series, both in wardrobe and shot design. The mishaps in science class are one of a kind as well.

The soundtrack of the movie is very foreign, which may turn off some people, but didn’t bother me in the slightest. I actually thought it enhanced the comedy, because humor overseas is a bit different and more nuanced. It is not the type of soundtrack you’d listen to in your car, but fit the action nicely and was appropriate for the laughs. I also preferred how the music was used sparingly at times to allow the jokes to be heard clearly and with hilarious impact. The run time was a hair shorter than most North American comedies, and after the first 10 minutes of the exposition you are hit with one joke after another rapid-fire.

Les Profs 2 film complet reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and when the trailer came out on Youtube a few years ago it had over 17,000 likes. Les Profs 2 has charm and overall its message is harmless, but it is still sexually suggestive if that isn’t your cup of tea. While it isn’t for everyone, the ribbing of each other is all in good fun and I laughed along with them. Streaming Les Profs 2 is a good way to relax and leisurely put your worries aside for a little while. It is a flick with no brain power needed, but that is more or less the point of it all. The diverse cast will surely entertain you as it did me, and the fact that there was a sequel shows you how beloved the characters were from the original.
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