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Hocus Pocus Full Movie Movie Review

I love watching films that develop a cult status over time, and one of these is the family movie Hocus Pocus. Though a modest box office hit when released back in 1993, year after year it has garnered more followers singing its praises (or casting a spell, so to speak). I actually had it recommended to me by a friend during Halloween, given the theme and storyline. Hocus Pocus streaming sites are readily available if you are looking for some clean entertainment with a holiday motif. To watch Hocus Pocus full movie online, you can visit here or get the Hocus Pocus full movie download here.
Having kids, this was a silly little movie I could share with them on a blustery and cold night in, and I’m glad I did. One of the benefits of the film is that it is pretty tame for all ages and can be easily re-watched in subsequent viewings. The fact both my children and myself could laugh at the jokes was a testament to the wide range of appeal it has. I highly recommend it for parties or social environments, as the atmosphere of the Fall season is very prevalent and perfect to discuss during Halloween especially. That being said it is ideal for any time of the year since it is really just a sweet film with heart. The Hocus Pocus full movie run time is a brisk 96 minutes, and it flies by quickly.





The plot of the movie is a fantasy setup in a horror world, which interested me immensely. When I heard the story involved the resurrection of 3 witches in the present day from the Salem witch trials, I thought ‘how on Earth can this be a family film,’ but the events play out in a far less sinister fashion. At its core, the witches want to regain their power through potions, brews, spells and every other stereotype you can think of in the genre.



That said, just because they are common archetypes in the horror field does not mean they were not well executed. With cauldrons and flying brooms, the whole 9 yards of witch mythology is used and it makes the movie very entertaining. There is an underbelly of a coming of age love story between Max, the fresh-faced kid struggling to find a place in his new home, and Allison, whom becomes intertwined in the witches’ plot and is the object of his affection. The awkwardness of some of their flirty exchanges is cute and harmless.


Cast and Characters

It is refreshing to see the heroes not be adults, but rather teenagers with wit and sarcasm only a young person could appreciate. The main kids Max and Dani were charming. You’ll root for them as the story progresses because of their determination and innocence. It is odd in a good way how well the leads tackle such serious subject matter given their ages. Taking things like sacrifice and banishment in stride, it sheds light on how the humorous side of the movie balances its grim themes. Also, for a kid’s movie, it is surprisingly well-acted.



If you watch Hocus Pocus, the first thing that will probably stand out to you is the chemistry between the 3 lead (adult) actresses. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy round out the cast. What I found interesting was how diverse their approaches to the comedy were.



Midler has a musical background, and Sarah Jessica Parker at the time was known for her more serious roles. Najimy was the most straight up comedic player, and not coincidentally, also the funniest. The witches are bumbling and evil but scamper around clumsily in pursuit of their everlasting freedom. Najimy, in particular, has some sharp one-liners, and Parker is a bit of the eye candy. Her suggestive outfit is the only thing that skews a little to the adult side.


hocus pocus cast and characters

Cast of Hocus Pocus


Parker is also absolutely nothing like her famous character on Sex and the City. Her complete 180 is humorous to watch. She is the butt of a lot of the jokes and it works. The funniest aspect of the witches’ interaction is how they almost channel the Three Stooges in their physical comedy. Even though they are supposed to be the villains, you never hate them, despite their evil demands. Movie fans will also undoubtedly spot actress Thora Birch as Dani. She, of course, grew up and went on to other films like Best Picture ‘American Beauty.’



The special effects are about on par with others of their era in the early nineties. And I say that somewhat lovingly. Since flicks now are graphics heavy, the practical use of things like flying brooms makes it seem more believable. The stunts are not the cleanest you’ll ever see in a movie. But they are effective enough to get the job done and not take you out of the movie.



The soundtrack of the film is what you would hope for in a scary Halloween affair. It is whimsical but terrifying, and you know immediately who the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ are. With songs like ‘I Put A Spell On You’ and ‘Witchcraft,’ the proper music is used to help the film flow well.



Hocus Pocus full movie reviews can be easily found online due to its underground popularity. While several enjoy the setting of the movie, most cite how the film has a lot of repeat value. In fact, it has gained such notoriety over time that the cast celebrated a 20th anniversary of the movie with a party at the studio that made it. As recently as 2014 there have been rumblings about a possible sequel. But as of now, nothing has come to fruition.



Given the subject matter this would be an easy story to continue, and a journey I would willingly go on. Hocus Pocus came at me fast, fresh and funny. My kids are probably better sources for a review. They both loved it! It is a mindless entertainment that will get you in the mood for the holidays even if it is nowhere near Halloween.


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