Deadpool Full Movie: Where Can I Watch Deadpool (2016)?

Deadpool Full Movie Review
Superhero movies have dominated theaters for the past decade in particular, but budget and scale of the genre keeps me coming back for more despite a tired through line. After the hype and enormous box office of the film, I almost begrudgingly typed ‘deadpool full movie’ into my search bar, hoping for the best. I love comics, but like most great things, they can be run into the ground if not handled carefully. Superhero movies are saturated because there are so many, but the approach Deadpool takes is the most refreshing angle they could have chosen. It seems like the studio finally wanted to give the fans exactly what they wanted, and even poke fun at those who don’t agree with them. Deadpool full movie putlockers are easy to find if you want to watch it yourself.

The plot of Deadpool is simple but this is in actuality part of its brilliance. Basically a revenge tale with a sarcastic point of view, our lead, Wade Wilson, is an anti-hero that you oddly find yourself rooting for. He’s violent, he swears, he takes a taxi to a fight, and he’s funny. The movie follows the path as any superhero origin story does: guy finds girl, guy likes girl, guy becomes a superhero, guy saves girl. While seemingly generic, this device worked for me because it is done tongue in cheek. Deadpool doesn’t care about its plot because they want you to care about the characters, and I did. They knew that people would relate to someone with an acid tongue, because let’s be honest, it is how a lot of us are in real life. The truth bombs the lead character lays out spare no one, which is part of the appeal.

The opening credits of the movie immediately had me laughing from their own self-awareness. The movie makes fun of itself constantly, and tears into their own lead actor Ryan Reynolds. If you watch Deadpool online you will be struck by how oddly beautiful the titles are because they reminded me of the pages of the comics I used to read. It is extremely faithful to the source material but is also different in that it doesn’t care what people think. Deadpool has a lot of things going for it, but this is where it is most rewarding to viewers. Movies like this never get made, especially spending millions of dollars to let the audience in on the joke. The movie tries to get you to go on the adventure with him, and it works. The reason it is successful in doing this is because it is very honest about criticisms people have about the genre and it plays up the gratuitous violence to increase the entertainment factor. Ironically, if Deadpool himself were to review his own movie, he would do so with sarcasm while pointing out its faults.

Obviously every superhero isn’t complete without a suit, and Deadpool’s outfit was one of my favorite things in the movie. His red getup is well made and practical with swords and a utility belt. The fact that the hero’s face is covered is interesting because such a stoic expression on the mask makes the punchlines so much more effective. Wade wears the costume while walking around in Crocs, to give you an idea of how the movie plays.

Even if you don’t care for the hard R aspect, the stunts are incredible. A highway scene is so well done that if it wasn’t for its humor you would think it was in some giant action movie. The fight scenes are well crafted and thought out, and after watching the movie I went and read about the extensive work that went in to creating them. With all the gore its not for the faint of heart.

The only thing that lacked slightly is the villain doesn’t have much to do. I didn’t end up caring because Deadpool is so witty, and his banter with the bartender is one of the highlights of the film. That said, the token bad guy definitely takes a backseat, and the focus is almost entirely on the lead. The main female is solid, and she has some great lines bouncing off of Wade when they first meet. The blind roommate Deadpool lives with later in the movie is a scene-stealer as well.

Comparing Deadpool to other comic book movies isn’t easy because their styles vary so much, however budget and look wise it is most like the X-men franchise. In fact the character is a part of that universe, so it seems like a logical extension. If someone were to ask me what superhero movie it’s most comparable to it would be hard to come up with a title given the dramatic shift in tone from the norm. The path from beginning to end somewhat resembles the Spider-man franchise, but that’s about where the similarities end. The amusing thing about Deadpool is that at times it doesn’t even want to be a comic book movie. It spends just as much time criticizing itself as it does trying to get you to embrace it.

Deadpool full movie reviews are glowing, and even though making a ton of money doesn’t necessarily mean a movie is good, I think it says a lot about what the audience thought about what they came up with. This is definitely not for everyone, but it is nice that even though its based on comics it doesn’t really feel like you need to be familiar with the source material. I lost count of how many F bombs are spoken, so I would probably not recommend watching this with a group of nuns. The most exciting thing about Deadpool is seeing what they come up with next, because you almost cannot go back to the well since the world has been established. Deadpool is fun and moves faster than its run time because it actively engages the audience so often. Make sure you keep watching after the credits for a few more jokes.

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