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The iPad is can double up as a mini TV or even a book. For that very reason, there are multiple iPad table stands available for users to buy. There are pros and cons to each of these tablet holders, so it is vital for one to be able to make the right decision.

In this article, we review five of the best iPad table stands for you so that you can choose the best product for your Apple iPad, whether you have an iPad Air or an iPad Mini. Keep in mind that these stands are always compatible with Android tablets. Just make sure that your tablet is within the dimension range.

best ipad table stand

Best iPad Table Stand

Here are the best iPad Table Stands

1. Bontend Adjustable Tablet Holder – iPad Stand

Ipad Stand - Adjustable Tablet Holder for 6 to 13 inch Tablets and Phones for the Table, Desk, Kitchen, Office - by Bontend ipad holder for tableAvailable for 6 to 13-inch Apple tablets, it is one of the best iPad table stands. You can use it for other tablets as well , including, but not limited to, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Bontend has come through with a compact accessory, taking up little room on the table and having the modularity option of folding down into a smaller piece when not in use.

It works with all versions of the iPad and comes with an elegant finish and is aesthetically pleasing. This iPad stand is adjustable – it can be used at the angle you prefer, making it the best iPad table stand. Moreover, it comes with an option of attaching a cable to your iPad for charging purposes.


  • Compact iPad holder for table which takes up little room during placement
  • Ideal for multipurpose use, such as FaceTime
  • Comes with the option of attaching cables to it
  • Aesthetically pleasing design allowing for an elegant look
  • 1-year warranty and money-back return


  • The weight of the iPad may bring down the stands as the knots are not very tight
  • May not be too stable and has the risk of toppling over with a slight hit

2. Mebber Upgraded Adjustable Stand

This tablet stand comes with four legs which are adjustable to cater to your height and width requirements. The design is well thought out. It is usable both as a stand for hard surfaces like tables, and soft surfaces like bed or couch. The adjustable stand is lightweight and portable, making it very convenient.


  • Most adjustable of all tablet stands. Center, heigh, width, and legs can be easily tweaked
  • Portable and lightweight design to ensure that the stand is comfortable to hold and use
  • The stand can be used in different positions, owing to its smart multipurpose design.
  • Made up of high-quality and durable material to ensure a long-lasting product


  • Not suitable for professional environments.

3. LODOICEA Foldable Stand

Tablet-Stand-LODOICEA-Foldable-Multi-Angle-Cell-Phone-E-readers-Stand-Holder-For-iPhone-77plus6-6s-Plus-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-S6-S6-Edge-Lumia-Tablet-iPad-0-0 ipad 2 stand

The LODOICEA Foldable Stand is small, compact, and convenient as an Apple iPad 2 stand. It allows for angle adjustments at different ranges. It comes with a design that is not only elegant but also strong and lightweight. The iPad remains sturdy while docked. It offers compatibility with all versions of the iPad and is convenient for table use and viewing different mediums.


  • Comes with adjustable options, allowing viewing at different angles
  • Has a non-slip and elegant design which ensures safety as the best iPad table stand
  • Lightweight and stable usage, making it convenient to use and experience
  • Allows for a smart lifestyle and multipurpose usage for the user


  • Too small for other tablets

4. iXCC Aluminium Adjustable Stand For iPad

This adjustable aluminium stand is a firm, durable and best iPad table stand. It is an innovative and high-quality product and allows for compatibility with all versions of the iPad coming in different sizes. It has an anti-slip silicone pad that keeps the tablet tucked in quite firmly.

ipad desk stand


  • Easy and safe to use when placing the iPad on the table
  • Allows for viewing at all angles and directions
  • Compatible with all versions of the iPad
  • Foldable design makes it compact and portable


  • Might have to remove iPad case for a firm fit
  • Topples over if touchscreen is pressed to hard while playing games.

5. Avantree Adjustable Solid Steel Tablet Stand


The Avantree Adjustable Solid Steel Tablet Stand is one of the best table stands for iPads. It allows for a great deal of comfort and is compatible with all sizes and versions of the iPad, offering adjustable views. It is steady and durable, and it comes with a docking station. The elegant design allows for an aesthetically pleasing view of the stand, and it is comfortable and convenient to use in all environments.


  • Compatible with all versions of the iPad
  • Adjustable to allow you to view from all angles
  • Stable and durable to ensure that the iPad is safe
  • Comes with a docking station to connect Lightening cable


  • Designed for all sizes but not recommended for larger iPads as they may not balance properly
  • Not too practical to move around as it comes with a docking station


We hope that we made the decision of buying the best ipad table stand simpler for you. Disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

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